A New Era in Fitness & Weight Loss

Fitness has evolved tremendously since the early days of round cement dumbbells and jump ropes. Now all the luxuries of home are provided for you in your workout experience, to help make it more convenient, enjoyable and have it feel less like, well, working out, as possible. Cardio machines now come equipped with numerous amenities, from personal televisions to fans. People now can seclude themselves from the rest of the world with headphones that connect to televisions’ as they workout. Strength equipment has also advanced with more user-friendly resistance machines that provide every possible way in which to target a muscle.

Yes, our society has defiantly advanced, at least in terms of the equipment we use. However, somehow, even with all of our technological advances we are still more overweight and obese than ever. Many people sit and wonder to themselves how could it be that movie stars can obtain and maintain such fit and beautiful bodies? They have access to much of the same technological advances as the rest of us do in our fitness centers and home equipment. After all, is it not about how much you do and not what you do? This is far from the truth; movie stars, models, performers, they’re just like you and me.

They have cravings, they get too tired to workout and they have access to similar equipment. So again, how is it that with their hectic schedules, being constantly bombarded with rich foods, and being only human, that they can look so good, all the time! The answer is that they have access to something most people do not, a great personal trainer! I know what people will be thinking when they read this, “I can’t afford a personal trainer” or “I don’t have time to meet on a regular basis with someone.” Online personal training is the solution to much of the nations’ health problems.

Online personal training can provide people with the direction they need to help them reach their goals. They can do this with access to a certified personal trainer, but without the cost and time needed to acquire one. Online personal training is the New Era of the fitness industry and can get you where you need to be, on the fast track to a healthier more attractive body! Here’s how it works. Participants obtain access to an online training website. From there, the participant selects the plan they prefer most (prices usually increase depending on the type of program selected).

Once a program is selected, a simple questionnaire is required to be filled out to determine your current health status, preferences, and future goals. You are then set up with your own login screen name and password that gives you access to your programs online. The trainer will send you your workout plan periodically through email and post it on your login access online. Participants can print out their workouts, which consist of a picture of each exercise start and finish positions, written directions on how to perform each exercise and the correct order to perform each one are all provided.

How many sets and reps to perform are included as well. For a more detailed explanation of an exercise, clients can even access their program online and watch a video of a model demonstrating each exercise start to finish properly. Another great advantage to online training is that you have constant access to a personal trainer via email or phone, to ask questions about your program or any general health and fitness inquiries. The benefits seem endless, depending on the program one chooses, nutritional components are also supplied in different degrees.

The nutrition component is based on your goals and eating habits. A licensed nutritionist supplies you with a daily meal plan and grocery list in which to choose healthy options based on your goals and health needs. The best features’ of online training is that it is affordable, convenient and made specifically for you. You too can have the advantages of a personal trainer without the time commitment and cost. Online training truly is the New Era of Health and Fitness!

[Courtesy of William Mackie]

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